Spring Summer 2019 Print Trend: Dégradé

The runways are telling us that tie and dye is going to make it to the trend list for spring summer 2019! Before you think 70’s hypnotic tie and dye tees *cringe*, we’re going ask you to sit back, relax and visualise breathtaking summer sunsets, the kind you’d sigh at and most likely Instagram, #sunsets.

Think gradual hues that let you get lost in a world of colour. Pay attention and you’ll note how the hues splendidly fade into each other. This beautiful people, is called dégradé (sounds romantic right?). Dégradé is the term used for colours that are gradually shaded instead of being clearly demarcated. In basic, the complete opposite of anything that is remotely colour-blocked.

Much like ombre, this beautiful usage of colour should make it to your spring summer 2019 board. We’re taking our cues from mother nature and picking sunset-making hues like flaming orange, salmon pink, powder blue and *drumroll* ultraviolet. Despite the vibrant choice of colours, you’ll find that dégradé actually looks quite soft and feminine. This treatment paired with A-line flares for the evening or shift dresses for a laid-back-get-me-my-pinacolada look go well together to create a dreamy look. The usage of dégradé is quite a versatile one if we may say. From our runway deck, we’re taking hints from Lanvin’s AW 18 collection that was inspired by artist Krista Krim. Despite the boxy silhouette, the vibe here is relaxed and quite transitional. When it comes to pushing boundaries, we’ll give Anju Modi full marks for playing with contrasting colours and uber relaxed silhouettes. And for a subtle take on dégradé, we love how Suneet Verma keeps in chic and uber feminine with a degrade saree offset with a bold new-age choli (read: interesting).

We’re taking this trend and going all out on the experimentation by creating unexpected combinations like mustard and coffee, tender yellow and spa blue, sunset orange and orchid ice. So, step out of your comfort zone and create your own magic with colour combinations you’ve only dreamed of. Psst… mother nature does it every single day.

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