needlepoint trend autumn winter 2019

Autumn Winter 2019 Trend: Needlepoint

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We’ve been rummaging through our granny’s sewing basket looking for inspiration for our first trend for AW 2019; the humble yet beautiful needlepoint embroidery! Rich tapestries, needlepoint blooms and vintage patterns breathe life into this decadent floral print trend. Think maximalist. Hues and tones from Caravaggio’s still life paintings add threads to this mood, while dark backdrops help give depth to it. Here’s our 5 minute takeaway from the Autumn Winter 2019 Needlepoint trend: Word: Needlepoint Seaso[...]

Spring Summer 2019 Trend: Raffia

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Think raffia and you're dreaming of those cute round Bali bags, pina coladas and endless summers. That right there is what raffia does! It gets us all dreamy about summer *sigh*. Raffia is big this season and will continue to make way to our wardrobe for spring summer 2019! Once reserved for beaches and vacays, this key embellishment is making "waves" from being the hottest IT bag to being used as perk-me-up pieces on accessories and clothes. It really makes us wonder if raffia is the new pompom for the season! Here's[...]

Spring Summer 2019 Print Trend: Kawaii Rainbow

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Hey, hey, hey... did you know that summer of 2019 is going to be magical? Think Skittles, unicorn dust and rainbows! Our next big print trend for SS19 is all about embracing VIBGYOR! And no, you don't get to choose just one, you can have 'em all! This is perfect for peeps like us who can't just commit to one colour! Thank you fashion gods for sending us some sunshine and rainbows! Note to greys and blacks- back away guys! We've already noticed the trend trickling into this summer and can already tell that it's going to be[...]

Spring Summer 2019 Print Trend: Portraiture

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In the age of selfies, our latest spring summer 2019 might not come as a surprise to you. Lo and behold, we’re grinning ear to ear ‘cause this trend is all about putting on a pretty face. Whether you prefer Fragonard or a modernist black and white line drawing, the focus here really is a portrait print as your central theme. We’ll also advocate narcissism, so that self-portrait makes the cut too. Gucci’s absolutely-freaking-gorgeous spring summer 2018 campaign toys with this theme. The photo-realist campaign i[...]

Spring Summer 2019 Print Trend: Pattern Overlay

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Warning: Things are about to get really wild! This spring summer 2019 print trend is just as puzzling as Lady Gaga’s Met oufits! Just kidding. Our next trend to note is what we’re calling "Pattern Overlay". In basic it’s the unsolvable-jigsaw-puzzle of prints that actually makes for a pretty mess. The key prints at play here are wild animal prints, florals (no surprises here!) and geometric patterns all starkly juxtaposed in bold and dark hues. Aigner’s Fall Winter 2018 collection was a melting pot of mysti[...]

Spring Summer 2019 Pattern Trend: Floral Checks

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We absolutely love it when fashion doubles up the serving. In this case, we’re talking about heritage checks and “groundbreaking” florals! This season we saw pretty florals juxtaposed against stripes that was quite a big print direction. Continuing with the geometry games, spring summer 2019 offers up a teeny-tiny deviation by introducing bold checks as the backdrop for floral clusters. As we head into the season, you’ll see a gradual change from stripes to checks, so keep a check on them (pun intended). However n[...]

Spring Summer 2019 Print Trend: Dégradé

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The runways are telling us that tie and dye is going to make it to the trend list for spring summer 2019! Before you think 70’s hypnotic tie and dye tees *cringe*, we’re going ask you to sit back, relax and visualise breathtaking summer sunsets, the kind you’d sigh at and most likely Instagram, #sunsets. Think gradual hues that let you get lost in a world of colour. Pay attention and you’ll note how the hues splendidly fade into each other. This beautiful people, is called dégradé (sounds romantic right?). Dég[...]

Spring Summer 2019 Colour Trend: Mustard Yellow, Black and White

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Can we just say that Wiz Khalifa’s “black and yellow, black and yellow” broadly applies to this super-ripe SS19 trend that’s already trickling into our radar. Notice how yellow seems to have emerged as the new colour on the block (read: does anyone even care about ultra violet anymore?). From interiors to floral dresses, this hue is what’s bringing along brighter days! And no, it’s not your soft, buttery yellow; instead it’s mustard yellow that’s bold with a hint of spice (just how we like it). Think Pantone[...]